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Cedar - Torque Tester

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Cedar Torque Meter DL-9M-8

The best for everyday check of an electric driver
Wide measurement range (0 - 8000digit)
Can measure without inversion Rolling-back work efficiently by OW joint (PAT.P).
Change of Measurement Unit Can be Performed
Data Output is USB Form (B Type).
Memory Data are 800 Affairs
Real-time Output is Every 1 / 180 Seconds.

Cedar Torque Meter CD-100M/10M

Suitable for daily check on electric driver and torque tools.
Measurement unit selection (N.m, kgf.cm & lbf.in), Memory data,
Real time output 1/180 seconds.
Capacity : 100kgf.cm or 10kgf.cm

Cedar Torque Tester DIS-IP series

Manage various torque wrench and drivers
Mode : Peak, Track, Peak break & Real-time output
Able to set the torque value with buzzer spound or LED