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Join us Singapore "Mitutoyo Family Festival 2022" by Web 20-22 April 2022

Thursday, 17 Feb 2022 16:54

Tags: "Mitutoyo Family Featival" a Private show by Web

We are pleased to invite you to join “Mitutoyo Family Festival”.


MITUTOYO Japan organised this Private Show by Web.

You may refer to the Programme schedule 20– 22 April 2022


Scan the QR code to register NOW!

  1. Customer can freely to choose the topic that they want to participate.

  2. Customer can participate in one or several topics in one day or even all the topics in one day (20, 21, and 22 April 2022).

  3. "Link" Mitutoyo Family Festival" will send to customer to email address and mobile phone number that use during the registration.

  4. We only send the Link of Mitutoyo Family Festival to register customer.

  5. You are invited by “Region Suppliers Pte Ltd.


Enjoy the new experience with us!


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