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Defelsko - Adhesion Testing

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Measures adhesion of coatings to metal, wood, concrete and other rigid substrates.
Available in Automatic or Manual models
Hydraulic pump apply smooth and continuous pull off pressure.
Model : DFATA20A-B

Defelsko Oven Temperature Logger - PosiTest OTL

Oven Temperature Logger
Measures and records oven temperature profiles
Measures and records up to 40,000 datasets (240,000 readings) into 6 independent batches
High temperature stainless steel barrier box with fiberglass insulation for long run times at high temperatures. Contains no silicone.
6 K-type thermocouple ports (channels)
Download, view, and analyze batch data using PosiSoft Desktop Software. Export .CSV files for easy import into spreadsheets.
Wide variety of probes available with 1.8 or 3.6 m (6' or 12') stainless steel braided cables (sold separately
Thermocouple Measurement Range -100 to 1000°C / -148 to 1832°F

Defelsko DPML Dew Point Meter Logger

Dew Point Meter Logger (Positector)
Magnetic probe attaches to steel structures for monitoring climatic conditions.

Measures and records climatic conditions including: relative humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, dew point temperature, difference between surface and dew point temperatures, and wet bulb temperature.
Fast response, precision sensors provide accurate, repeatable readings
Environmentally sealed enclosure – weatherproof, dustproof, and shockproof — meets or exceeds IP65
Internal memory storage of 10,000 datasets (60,000 readings)

Conforms to ISO 8502-4, BS 7079-B4, ASTM D3276, IMO PSPC, SSPC-PA7 and US Navy NSI 009-32


Barcol Hardness Impressor
Applications : Soft metals such as aluminum, aluminum alloys,
copper, brass, and other materials such as harder plastics, and fiber-reinforced plastic.
Conforms to ASTM B648/D2583, DIN EN 59 and AS/NZS 3572.22


PosiTector DPM IR Probe measures and records climatic conditions including: Relative
humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, dew point temperature and difference
between surface and dew point temperatures - plus an infrared surface temperature probe.

Defelsko Powder Checker - Non-contact coating thickness

Non-contact Uncured Powder Thickness Gage
Affordably measures uncured powder coatings using non-contact ultrasonic technology to predict a cured thickness

*Dedicated stand-alone unit is ready to measure right out of the box
*Up to 4x faster measurement speed* — ideal for moving lines and winging parts
*No calibration adjustment required for most powders
*Storage of 999 readings with onscreen averaging. Stored readings can be downloaded to PosiSoft Desktop Software
*Scan Mode continuously takes measurements — ideal for analyzing large areas
Conforms to ASTM D7378

Defelsko PosiTest DFT

Fast, repeatable measurements — 60+ readings per minute
Ready to measure—no adjustment required for most applications
Zero or 1 Point Calibration Adjustment for complex applications
Onscreen averaging for up to 99 readings
Strong, wear-resistant, ruby-tipped probe
V-groove in probe for positioning on cylindrical parts
High contrast color display
Adjustable display brightness for optimal visibility in any environment
Auto rotating display with lock to prevent unintended rotations Simple, icon based menu
Handy RESET feature when no zero reference is available
Mils/microns switchable
Built-in wrist strap for added convenience and safety

Defelsko Coating Thickness Gages 6000

Using Magnetic and Eddy current principles
Measure coating thickness on ferrous and non-ferrous metal


Certified Coated Metal Plates and Polystyrene Blocks
Used to verify the accuracy and operation of any Type 1 (mechanical)
and Type 2 (electronic) magnetic, eddy-current or ultrasonic coating
thickness gage
Ideal for use in the calibration lab, in the field or on the factory floor
Standards with steel or aluminum substrates consist of 4 plates
mounted in a protective binder
Polystyrene thickness standards consist of 4 blocks supplied
in a rugged acrylic storage box
Individually serialized for traceability to NIST or PTB - includes a
Certificate of Calibration
Certified and labeled in both Metric and Imperial units