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Monday, 08 Jul 2019 09:52

Tags: Enviroment is no longer a issue for CMM!


1. Environmental durability improvement
Actualized a structure safely usable under a wide range of temperatures from 10° C to 40° C thanks to the technologies cultivated through the in-line supported CNC coordinate measuring machine MACH series. It also offers superior resistance against smears from oil mist/dust thanks to the newly developed highly robust ABS scale unit and each axis guide.
2. Offers installation location flexibility
Reduces the installation area of the whole system by compacting the main body structure and storing the control unit and PC in the installation base.
3. Enhanced usability
Simple operation enhanced by the touch panel and software contributes to measurement quality stabilization and optimization while also shortening read time. The clamping tool enables easily setting various types of workpieces without manufacturing dedicated jigs.
4. High-accuracy form measurement
Supports scanning probes that enable high-accuracy form measurement. Using the stylus changer enables effective measurement of workpieces with complicated form.
5. Visualization
Performs integrated management of production process information through a network. Analyzes and reduces the downtime with the Condition Monitor, which shows the status of the measuring instrument itself, and the Status Monitor, which shows the operation statuses of measuring tools and instruments for productivity improvement and maintenance management. The MeasurLink collects and analyzes data of the measuring instrument in real time, enabling maintaining workpiece quality.
6. Beauty of form
Provides a space-saving and compact design using various structure elements to their utmost to prevent a sense of tightness by optimizing the structure to improve measuring accuracy, performing smart part arrangement and adopting new rib shapes.
[Main specifications]
• Measuring range: 570(X)×500(Y)×500(Z) mm
• Resolution: 0.0001 mm
• Main unit accuracy E0,MPE=2.2+3L/1000 μm
• Guiding method: Linear guide (all axes)
• Maximum combined drive speed: 606 mm/s
• Maximum combined acceleration: 2695 mm/s2
• Measurement method: Linear encoder
• Accuracy guaranteed range: 10°C to 40°C
• Maximum loading: 120 kg
• Main unit mass: 655 kg

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